• Annabis
  • Arizer


    Since their appearance on the dried herb vaporizer market , Arizer Tech has never ceased to surprise us with the quality and reliability of their vaporizers such as the V-Tower, theExtreme Q and the Arizer Solo. In addition to their proven vaping qualities, Arizer products are extremely reliable.

  • Aspire


    Aspire marque de e-cigarette orientée CBD...

  • Black Leaf
  • Boveda


    With Boveda 62% moisture regulator, no more over-dry grass, no more rot...

    You don't have to do anything just put the bag with your grass, the bag handles too much or not enough moisture, it remains stable at 62%.

    The Boveda bag is used in the world renowned to keep the moisture of the best cigars,

    Available in 2 versions 8 g and 67 g

  • Cannabios


    All CANNABIOS cosmetics products are certified as natural organic cosmetics. The main component and the basis of the production is a combination of cold-pressed virgin olive oil, hemp oil and hemp plant extract. The unique composition guarantees a full content of active substances of hemp, including the cannabinoid complex – in particular the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol (CBD).

  • Cannabis Energy Drink

    Cannabis Energy Drink

    Cannabis Energy Drink offers you a unique and tasty taste, a real boost for those tired moments.

    This popular soft drink contains taurine, caffeine and vitamin B.

    This drink contains no trace of THC 0% and therefore has no psychotropic effect.

    Enjoy it chilled and be surprised!

  • Carebidiol


    The products of the brand Lanvia are of great quality, designed with care in the laboratory to give you the best of CBD oil and more, mixed with plants with millennial virtues, it will offer you a more complete or more precise care...

  • Chanvre Tricolore
  • Cibapet


    At Cibdol, we believe that everyone deserves access to the best CBD oils, even our faithful Friends, which is why Cibapet, a range specially developed for pets. Dogs and Cats.

  • Cibdol


    Unlike some of the "raw" CBD oils on the market that seem dark, mushy, and difficult to administer, our oils are easy to use and worth their weight in gold. While other manufacturers will cut costs and use 99% "pure CBD" crystals, Cibdol will continue to use only the best production methods.

    At Cibdol, we believe that everyone deserves access to the best CBD oils on the market, and that customer feedback is key to improving our methods in the future. Everyone is different, which is why we offer oils in three different volumes with three increasingly strong concentrations for new and experienced users.

  • Davinci


    As if handcrafted by nature itself, our meticulous material selection is crucial for our promise to deliver flavorful nirvana from start to finish.Innovation fuels our competitiveness and we commit to conquering all barriers to create revolutionary products with emergent energy.We understand the power to influence your own experience; that is why we design exceptional products to work like you.

    DAVINCI - (Officiel WebSite)

  • Easy Flow
  • Elite CBD

    Elite CBD

    Natural products based on hemp, resins, pollen, solid

  • Elite CBD Oil

    Elite CBD Oil

    Elite CBD Oil, sublingual oils by Elite CBD. Discover our range of CBD Broad Spectrum oil from 5% to 40%. No trace of THC. European Hemp, Made in France.

  • Elite CBD Vape
  • Enecta


    Enecta is a family of Italian hemp producers, scientists, botanists and educators, working towards a simple goal: to develop a European hemp grown and sold in a fair way.

    Enecta (website)

  • Flow Fleurs

    Flow Fleurs

    Flow Fleurs is specialize in herbal blends that can be infused or used as a tobacco substitute.

  • Fresh Label

    Fresh Label

    As its name suggests, FRESH LABEL ... it's fresh ...
    FRESH LABEL ... It is first of all the guarantee of a rational approach through our own production of hemp, a French manufacture as well as a rigorous production process based on high quality raw materials.
    FRESH LABELbest prices -10%┃CashBack 5% ★ Free Shipping From € 49
  • FTV


    French Touch Vaporizer, Mighty and Crafty Accessories

  • Ghost



  • Golden Buds

    Golden Buds

    Golden Buds CBD cartridges are unique with a slim and discreet shape, they come with everything you need to start vaping.

    The CBD inside is from a full-spectrum distillate and the terpenes come from California giving a taste very close to the original and an ideal delivery medium, to help the body and mind relax

    100% natural product developed by "Golden Bud" experts.

    This is not an e-liquid, but a highly concentrated CBD extraction at 85% pure, approx 50% CBD + 35% other Cannabinoids.

  • Green Life labs
  • greeneo


    Greeneo is a leading French manufacturer in the field of CBD-E-liquid, with a range ranging from simple aroma to the most complex terpenes and other high-end products such as Full Spectrum.
    Find your Greeneo Skuff, Greeneo Amnesia, Greeneo Blue Dream, as well as all the range of the brand Greeneo.
    ★ at the best Prices - Delivery offered from 49€ - (Greeneo Website)
  • Happease
  • HaZe Holland
  • Joytech


    JOYETECH is China's leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, with better quality cigarettes and innovations that enable a better smoking experience.

  • Justfog


    Electronic Cigarette

  • Katalizer


    Katalizer is a French brand that manufactures glassware for vape, Bong, Bubbler and other...

  • Kitchen Chef Marius

    Kitchen Chef Marius

    Discover Chef Marius CBD Cookie mixes, containing 30 mg of CBD.

    Make your own tasty hemp cookies with this kit containing a bag of preparation based onnatural ingredients.

  • Kuff by Kalash
  • Marie Jeanne

    Marie Jeanne

    French manufacturer of e-liquid since 2017

    Born from the initiative of its founders Thibaud and Alexandre ex-professionals of organic agriculture. MARIE-JEANNE respect the properties of the plant, their content of natural aromas and flavors that mainly result from terpene compositions, these molecules at the origin of odors, pronounced taste and sometimes even the color of the leaf. The team therefore chose to extract the CBD using the method that best preserves its purity and that of terpenes.

  • myCBD


    The mission of myCBD is to make the purest and highest quality hemp oil available to those who need it. KSK Labs is constantly looking for ways to create new products based on hemp extracts.

  • Pax
  • Plant Of Life

    Plant Of Life

    Based in Barcelona, Plant of Life is developed with pioneers of the cannabidiol industry by manufacturing beautiful CBD extractions. Our extractions are subject to rigorous testing in terms of CBD percentage and product quality, which guarantees our community all-natural products.

  • Rozoy & Picot

    Rozoy & Picot

    Rozoy Picot is a French wine company based in Montpellier, specialising in luxury wines.

    Rozoy-Picot is above all a family story. Created by Clément Rozoy,

    Rozoy picot offers you a combination of French wine-making know-how with a natural cannabis flavouring. The result is a sparkling wine full of elegance and refinement

  • Storz & Bickel
  • Tengrams
  • TopGreen


    TopGreen - Vital - Spray

  • Trompetol


    The Trompetol Brand presents the hemp infusion rich in Cannabidiol CBD, based on organic hemp from the Czech Republic, with its many properties. As well as organic creams for skin care.

  • Vapenterps
  • Vapodiol
  • Vaporbrother
  • Weecke
  • Yeuf


    The Yeuf brand was born in 2006 when two friends decided to launch the adventure of rolling papers, the famous white and red packets. Yeuf met with great success on the national territory.

    Since then, the brand has grown and developed other products such as unbleached leaves and Toncar "pre-rolled filter".

    All Yeuf products are made in France.

    At Elite cbd, you will find unbleached rolling papers as well as Toncar, pre-rolled filters.