OG Kush - E-liquid CBD

    Mg concentration

    OG Kush, originally from Northern California, is fast becoming famous worldwide for its special aroma and strong effects.

    Find its aromas, thanks to terpene extractions coupled with CBD "Canabidiole", to concoct you a relaxing liquid E, with the scent ofOG Kush.

    Aromas Type
    PG / GV
    Bottle type
    10 ml
    Recommended material
    Battery Setting Inf. at 20W
    To Use Preference Before
    Shelf life: See Bottle (12months min.)
    Languages ​​on Packaging
    French, English, German
    Cannabidiol Type
    CBD Crystals
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    OG Kush - Greeneo - Authentic FlavoursFlavour,

    Powerful flavours,

    Og Kush, a Lemon / Fuel flavour


    The Og Kush is its mysterious origins, supposedly grown on the Californian ocean shore from a Chemdawg clown with a Thai/Kush blend... "Ocean Grown or Original Gangsta


    Relaxing, Soothing

    CBD E liquid by Greeneo

    Greeneo makes a tasty blend of E-liquid with flower terpenes to which is addedCBD in theform of 99% pure Crystals.

    A perfect balance, a relaxing vape with natural flower aromas called "Terpenes", for all those who wish to benefit from the effects of CBD. CBD with the slight bitterness of hemp.

    CBD extracted from hemp organically grown in Europe.

    Legal or not?

    It is 100% legal and does not contain any trace of THC the level is less than 0.01%, the maximum authorized value being 0.2%, therefore this product will not produce any Psychoactive Effect or trace of THC in the blood...

    Benefits of CBD :

    CBD products have a variable concentration of CBD Cannabidiol, which offersimportant calming and analgesic properties. It can be consumed by vaping or as a dietary supplement via the digestive tract.

    What are terpenes?

    Terpenes are organic compounds present in all plant varieties, and contribute to their flavour and smell. Terpenes interact synergistically with Cannabinoids terpenes interact synergistically with the other components of the plant to create a kind of entourage effect, enhancing the effects of each of the plant components.


    We recommend the use of an electronic cigarette with a resistance between 0.5 ohm and 0.8 ohm preferably, being more suitable for CBD e liquids, for a pleasant vape and a better restitution of flavors,

    An E-cig (power between 15w and 18 w) is very suitable,

    Protect and store the bottle of "CBD E liquid" away from heat and light.

    Characteristics :
    • Plastic bottle of 10 ml
    • Propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin base: 80 / 20
    • Made from European organic hemp
    • Guaranteed THC free, nicotine free, alcohol free and animal extract free
    • Food grade ingredients
    • Child-resistant cap
    Ingredients :
    • Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Terpenes.
    • CBD per 10 ml bottle: 100 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg