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    Patagonia - E-liquid CBD

    Mg concentration

    The latest addition to the Marie-Jeanne brand, Patagonia, powerful and floral aromas...

    Welcome to the foot of the Andes... and its specific hemp...

    Ascension guaranteed...

    PG / GV
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    Patagonia, Brodband by Marie-Jeanne

    With an innovative Broad Spectrum extraction process, California is the first liquid containing CBD from French hemp farming.

    A true innovation, our unique extraction process allows an optimal preservation of all Cannabinoids (except THC). Its combination of terpenes gives it a bewitching and naturally irresistible hemp flavour.

    An extraordinary creation, both in terms of smell and taste , associated with a PG/VG base that is 100% vegetal.

    We want you to enjoy an unparalleled experience and a journey as close to nature as possible. Escape for a few minutes of intense pleasure.

    Aroma profile: Floral

    The whole is diluted in an e-liquid base composed of 65/35% propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

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