Super Skunk - CBD e-liquid

    Mg concentration

    Atribute to the 90's with Super Skunk e-liquid!

    You will find the earthyand slightly sweet notes of the flagship variety of the 90s.

    Aromas Type
    PG / GV
    Bottle type
    plastic + carton
    10 ml
    Recommended material
    Battery Setting Inf. at 20W
    To Use Preference Before
    Shelf life: See Bottle (12months min.)
    Languages ​​on Packaging
    Cannabidiol Type
    CBD Crystals
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    Unbeatable Super Skunk flavour

    Super Skunk is a hybrid variety created in the 1970s in the USA and is highly prized for its distinctive smell. It really came into its own in the mid-1980s when it was imported into the Netherlands. Characterised by its sweet citrus smell, it quickly became one of the most famous hemp varieties for its aromatic flavours.

    Characteristics of Marie-Jeanne Super Skunk e-liquid

    Marie-Jeanne Super Skunk is available in different concentrations of CBD. We offer our 10 ml bottles in 5 concentrations: 0, 50, 100, 300 or 600 mg of CBD. It is presented in a designer bottle with a childproof cap.

    Our little blue bottle is certified THC-free!

    Our e-liquid is made in France and complies with the legal requirements on the marketing of CBD (cannabinoid). The terpenes and CBD are mixed in an e-liquid base composed mainly of Propylene Glycol and 20% vegetable glycerin.

    Vapers will find in our 10 ml bottle with a tropical design the pronounced taste with earthy notes of Super Skunk. A cocktail of smells and flavours for demanding vapers!