Amnesia Haze - CBD Flower 12%


    The Amnesia Haze cbd flower is fruity, "red fruit" and soft, almost sweet.

    One of our favourite flowers, to discover without delay.

    CBD 11.9% - THC 0.26
    Greenhouse Premium
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    Amnesia Haze - Greenhouse Premium

    Amnesia haze is 70% sativa dominant and originates from a cross between Jamaican, Afghani, Laos and Hawaiian.

    This CBD flower has flavours ranging from sweet "non-acidic" citrus to spicy to slightly earthy peppery.

    Characteristics :
    • CBD content: 2.07
    • CBD A content: 11.22
    • D9 THC content: 0.26
    • THC A: 0.28
    • Total CBD: 11.91
    • Total THC: 0.51
    • Effects: Relaxing

    Elite CBD selects among the different French and European suppliers the best of the CBD flowers, the quality being our first criterion.

    100% Legal in Europe with a maximum level of 0.3% THC ... Analysis Available in product details ...

    Price :

    We strive to offer you these flowers at competitive prices to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of this plant that we all love...

    How to consume them ?

    To be consumed in moderation, as an infusion, with a touch of fat (milk) or as a spray, for the healthiest possible consumption...