Orange Bud - CBD Flower 4.3%


    Orange Bud CBD flowers, citrus flavours very similar to skunk.

    This CBD flower will satisfy the most demanding in terms of taste and flavor.

    To your taste buds!

    CBD 4.34% - THC 0.16
    Greenhouse Premium
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    Orange Bud - Indoor Premium Active ingredients in % :
    • Total THC T: 0.16
    • Total CBD T: 4.34
    • Total CBG T: 0.71
    • CBD content: 2.29
    • CBG content: 0.30
    • CBC rate: 0.19
    • Total D9THC: 0.15
    What is CBDA and what is THCA?

    Many molecules are present in hemp, more than a hundred known and studied to date, which makes hemp a plant very rich in active ingredients.

    CBDA and THCA :

    CBDA is the acidic molecule of CBD, it is the initial form of CBD present in large part in the trichromes of the plant.

    When the plant is heated, CBDA is transformed into CBD with a ratio of 0.87, which has the effect of increasing the CBD level.

    The same principle applies to THCA, the initial form of THC. THCA, like CBDA, is transformed into THC under the effect of temperature.

    Why CBDT and THCT?

    As hemp flowers are often heated according to their use, their CBD and THC levels change, because the acid molecules CBDA and THCA are added and will transform into CBD and THC.

    Selections :

    Elite CBD selects from different French and European suppliers the best CBD flowers, quality being our first criterion.

    100% Legal in Europe with a maximum of 0.2% THC ... Analysis Available in product details...

    Price :

    We strive to offer you these flowers at competitive prices to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of this plant that we all love...

    How to consume them ?

    To be consumed in moderation, as an infusion, with a touch of fat (milk) or as a spray, for the healthiest possible consumption...

    For smokers:

    If you are a Cannabis THC smoker and want to find a palliative to stop Cannabis THC or reduce your consumption, to make it more occasional, or even stop it... Then CBD flowers can help you to pass the course.

    This mode of consumption (joint ... Tobacco + CBD flowers) and a mode more than bad for your health ... moreover the effects are largely diminished by the fact of burning the molecules rather than vaporizing them.

    Assuming you are a smoker it would be difficult to stop all addictions and habits at once. THC is much easier than Nicotine to stop especially with a palliative, but it's still an effort all the same and some rough nights are to be expected.

    In any case:

    If you want to stop smoking, seek advice from your GP or an addictologist.