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We are pleased to introduce our Broad Spectrum CBD Sublingual Oil .

Made from cold pressed virgin hemp oil.

Our Twenty-Five CBD Oil contains: 7.54% CBD, 0.23% CBG and 0.04% CBDV.

Zero trace of THC.

European hemp, fEuropean hemp, produced and packed in France.

Broad Spectrum
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CBD Oil - Full spectrum - CBD 5% + CBG 1.3

Our CBD oil 20% Full spectrum "Spectre complet" made in France from organic virgin hemp oil , contains CBD distillate and CBD isolate. It is the distillate that brings all the molecules of the plant, as well as some traces of THC approx 0,05 % as for the isolate it allows to manage the rate of CBD in the CBD oil...

To complete and enrich our oil a little CBG is added, CBG is a molecule present in hemp during its growth, it disappears to become CBD and THC during flowering.

Uses :

CBD hemp oils are used in several cases: sleep disorders, joint pain, stress and anxiety...

Directions for use:

Put 2 drops under the tongue, leave for about 30 seconds, then swallow.

You can increase the dose in stages, three drops then four depending on how you feel, after you use four drops your CBD oil will be consumed more quickly, consider taking a stronger oil.

If you don't like the taste of hemp in your mouth, you can put your drops in your food, infusion, salads, hot dish...

Storage :

Store your CBD oil at room temperature, away from light

(do not put in a cool place otherwise it will crystallize and you will have to heat it up to make it liquid again...)

Avoid major thermal shocks

Best before 12 months

Allergens :

No allergens

Regulations :

Food regulation,

Cannabidiol Extract from authorized sources

Composition :

Organic virgin hemp oil

CBD content 5

CBG content 1.3

THC content less than 0,2 % (0.05 %)

Precaution of Use :

Not recommended for pregnant women