Marie Jeanne - E-liquid CBD

French e-liquid manufacturer since 2017

Born from the initiative of its founders Thibaud and Alexandre ex-professionals of organic farming. MARIE-JEANNE They respect the properties of the plant, their content in natural flavours and flavours that are essentially the result of the compositions of terpenesThese molecules are responsible for the odour, the strong taste and sometimes even the colour of the leaf. The team therefore chose to extract the CBD using the method that best preserves its purity and that of the terpenes.

After long research on the properties of the hemp plant

From organic farming to the creation of CBD e-liquid.

Marie-Jeanne studied the consumption of the CBD molecule by inhalation.

The results of this research showed that when inhaling CBD 20% of the molecule is absorbed by the body compared to only 8% when ingested.

Extraction of CBD with the CO2 method.

CO2 extraction is considered the best method of extraction.

Marie-Jeanne uses the CO2 extraction technique, guaranteeing you the best quality CBD possible. The operation consists of extracting molecules such as CBD, CBG, terpenes from the plant.

Since 2018 Elite CBD distributes the Marie-Jeanne brand.

We believed in Marie-Jeanne from the beginning, since the brand has not stopped developing. It offers exceptional e-liquids like its new range broadband, California, Patagonia or Colombia.

Discover the CBD e-liquids of the brand Marie-Jeanne, made with care and composed of exceptional terpenes for a unique vape experience.