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If you're looking for accessories for your vaporizer, you've come to the right place. Accessories can help you enhance your vaping experience and maximise the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

There are a wide variety of vaporizer accessories available on the market. Here are some examples of common accessories:

- Mouthpieces: Mouthpieces are detachable pieces that attach to the top of the vaporizer. They can be made of glass, silicone or metal, and are designed to provide a more comfortable and hygienic vaping experience.

- Filters: Filters are small pieces of material, such as cotton or hemp, which are placed in the vaping chamber to help filter out unwanted particles and improve the quality of the vapour.

- Cleaning tools: Cleaning tools are designed to help clean your vaporiser thoroughly. They can include brushes, cotton buds and special cleaning solutions.

- Chargers and batteries: If your vaporizer is rechargeable, you may need a spare charger or battery to avoid interruptions to your vaping session.

- Carrying cases and bags: Carrying cases and bags are designed to protect your vaporiser and its accessories when you're on the move.

In short, accessories for vaporisers can help you personalise your vaping experience and enhance its quality. There are many accessories available to meet your specific needs, so feel free to explore the options and choose the ones that best suit your vaporizer and your preferences.

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Titanium Mouthpiece - ( Mighty / Crafty + ) - FTV

    (1 review)

    Mighty Accessory - Cooling unit

      (1 review)

      Mighty - Stainless Steel Cooling - FTV

      • Out-of-Stock
      Bong-Bubbler-14 mm-FTV
      (1 review)

      Bong - Bubbler - 14 mm - FTV

      • -20%
      • -20%
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      Hydratube Bubbler Fenix...
      (1 review)

      Hydratube Bubbler Fenix Mini - Vaporizer - Weecke

      • -15%
      • -15%
      • Out-of-Stock
      • Out-of-Stock