We offer a wide range of products dedicated to hemp or legal cannabis, organic cosmetics, sublingual oils, flowers and resins, e-liquids and a range of dry herb vaporizers...

Our shop of CBD in Longjumeau in Essonne (91160) welcomes you from Monday to Saturday.

We offer a wide range of products dedicated to hemp or legal cannabis, organic cosmetics, sublingual oils, flowers and resins, e-liquids and a range of dry herb vaporizers...

Our dedicated team strives every day to offer you quality products among the best CBD brands on the market.

The planting...

Moon Rock

CBD 65% - THC 0.14
Elite CBD


    Amnesia Haze

    CBD 11.9% - THC 0.26
    Greenhouse Premium


      Lemon Kush


        CBD Wax - Purple Haze

        CBD 66% - THC 0.13


          Orange Bud

          CBD 4.34% - THC 0.16
          Greenhouse Premium

            • Cosmetics

              Here you will find our range of cosmetic products, to ensure the well-being and care of your skin in a perfectly natural way. These products, most of them organically grown, come in different forms, lip balm, body ointment, face cream, anti-wrinkle cream, moisturising milk, relaxing massage oil and also a wide range of products for delicate skins and baby care. Products specially designed for sportsmen and for specific skin problems, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema.


              Balcann - Organic oak bark balm - Annabis


                Cremcann - Q10 Woman Organic Face Cream - Annabis


                  Cremcann - Q10 Man Organic Face Cream - Annabis

                    CBD-Visual Care-CBD-Hyaluron-Annabis-1

                    Cremcann - Hyaluron CBD Face Cream - Annabis

                      CBD-Visual Care-CBD-Silver-Annabis-1

                      Cremcann - Silver CBD Face Cream - Annabis


                        Baby Care - CBD Body Care

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                        • CBD flowers

                          Find our selection of CBD flowers

                          For a moment of relaxation with various floral flavours

                          Discover a selection of Premium CBD flowers, whether Indoor or Greenhouse, they will delight your palate whether infused with a touch of milk or sprayed with a vaporizer. To ensure that we offer you the best in CBD flowers we rigorously test the catalogues of French and Italian suppliers and only retain the best products.

                          We work with the IFHA laboratory based in Austria, specialist in cannabinoid analysis, on each product we make the analyses available to you in complete transparency.

                          Our motto at ELITE CBD "only the best" and always at the best price

                          For smokers of classic high THC joints wishing to quit or taper off, CBD flowers can be a palliative that can help you make the leap.



                          CBD 14.6 % - THC 0.19 %
                          Greenhouse Premium


                            Tropical OG

                            CBD 16 % - THC 0.27 %

                              Flower pack-cbd-greenhouse-10-g

                              CBD Flowers Custom Pack Greenhouse 10g

                              1 to 2 flowers to choose from


                                CBD Flowers, Indoor Custom Pack - 50 g

                                From 1 to 5 flowers to choose


                                  CBD Flowers, Indoor Custom Pack - 100 g

                                  From 1 to 5 flowers to choose


                                    CBD Flowers, Indoor Custom Pack - 10 g

                                    From 1 to 2 flowers to choose

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                                    • CBD resin

                                      CBD resins or "wax" concentrates are often favoured by those looking for a higher CBD content. The use of resin in the preparation of biscuits is common, but vaporisation or "dabbing" is more common.

                                      After some research and taste testing with our suppliers we offer this range of pollens, resins and other jellies from 3.8% to 22% CBD.

                                      Natural or mixed with terpenes from flowers or fruits, for a relaxation with varied and flowery flavours from sweet to sour.

                                      Some resins have CBD levels up to 50% CBD, they add 99% pure CBD to reach this level, the THC level remains residual and less than 0.2% to be in compliance with European regulations. 100% legal...


                                      Black Hash CBD Resin

                                      CBD 35.5 % - THC 0.18 %


                                        Amnesia Rock CBD Resin


                                          Og Kush - Jelly | CBD 22% - 1g


                                            King Hassan CBD resin

                                            CBD 37.3. % - THC 0.09 %


                                              Bubba Kush Rock CBD resin


                                                Resin 3 times filtered, Natural

                                                CBD 80.1 % - THC 0.13 %

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                                                • CBD oil

                                                  Discover sublingual CBD oils, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and MCT in oil or capsule form.

                                                  Sublingual use:

                                                  A few drops under the tongue allowing for the healthiest possible consumption of CBD, no propylene glycol as in e-liquids and no vapour.

                                                  CBD oils can be taken on a daily or occasional basis.

                                                  CBD can help reduce internal inflammatory pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality.



                                                  Broad Spectrum


                                                    CBD Capsule 4% x 60



                                                      Broad Spectrum


                                                        CBD Oil 5% Hemp Seed

                                                          CBD Oil 2.5% Organic

                                                          CBD Oil 2.5% Organic

                                                          Broad Spectrum

                                                            CBD Oil 5% Organic

                                                            CBD Oil 5% Organic

                                                            Broad Spectrum

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