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Discover the Finest Infused Hemp and CBD Products Online

At Elite-CBD, we proudly present our exclusive Infusion CBD collection. Explore our carefully curated range of infused hemp and CBD products available online. Elevate your well-being with the power of premium CBD-infused options designed to meet your unique needs.

Discover the Health Benefits of CBD Infusions

Our CBD-infused hemp products are celebrated for their numerous health benefits. Experience stress and anxiety reduction, promote restful sleep and harness anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate joint pain and rheumatism. Elevate your overall digestive well-being with our CBD infusions, carefully designed to enhance gastrointestinal function.

A Taste of Harmony: Why Choose Elite CBD Infusions?

  • Natural and Organic: We prioritise purity and sustainability. All our infusions are crafted with organic hemp and plants, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

  • Wide Variety, Endless Possibilities: Whether you prefer loose blends for customization or convenient sachets for on-the-go enjoyment, we have the perfect infusion for your needs. Choose from 50% hemp blends for a potent experience, 10% hemp blends for a gentler touch, or 100% hemp infusions for a pure hemp flavour and all its benefits.

  • Tailored to Your Wellbeing: Our infusions cater to a range of concerns. Relax and de-stress with calming blends like chamomile and lavender, combat sleeplessness with soothing valerian and hops, or relieve joint discomfort with anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and ginger.

  • Taste the Difference: We believe in the power of nature's bounty. Each infusion boasts a unique and delectable flavour profile, from the earthy richness of hemp to the refreshing notes of mint and citrus.

Explore Our Diverse Selection

Elite CBD's infusion collection caters to a variety of preferences and requirements. Choose from:

  • Sachet Infusions: Our convenient, single-serve sachets are perfect for on-the-go moments. With 50% hemp content, these blends offer an intense experience and guaranteed deliciousness every time.

  • Loose Leaf Blends: Try our 50g loose blends for a more personalised touch. Containing 10% hemp, these blends allow you to customise your infusion strength to your liking.

  • 100% Hemp Infusion: For the purist, we offer a unique, full-bodied experience with our 100% hemp infusion. Enjoy the pure taste and potent benefits of the hemp plant in its raw form.

Infusion Bio CBD - Hemp Infusion - Relieves Aches and Pains | Elite CBD

Infusion, les questions fréquemment posées:

CBD infusion is a blend of plants made up of well-known flowers such as chamomile and verbena and hemp flowers in crumb form, also known as trim.

CBD herbal teas and infusions are among the easiest and most popular ways for consumers to enjoy the effects of hemp.

The benefits of a CBD infusion are manifold. CBD has the potential to be a natural analgesic, in other words, a substance that reduces pain, helps you to fall asleep without too much difficulty and makes for more restful, calmer nights. A CBD drink is likely to calm muscular pain after a particularly intense workout, and has anxiolytic effects to combat episodes of intense stress.

It takes about 1 to 2 hours for cannabidiol to pass through the liver and be metabolised. The speed of absorption depends on your metabolism and what you have eaten. It is therefore advisable to take your infusion 1 to 1? hours before going to bed.

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