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Customise your CBD and HHC e-liquids by creating them yourself or using our boosters.

We offer a selection of pure boosters, such as isolate for experienced vapers, as well as boosters already mixed with a base for novices. Add them to your e-liquid for a tailor-made dose and rediscover a unique, personalised vaping experience.

Booster and DIY, les questions fréquemment posées:

Like all e-liquids, it generally consists of a base of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, to which CBD is added in the form of an isolate.

All that's left is the taste... which is achieved by adding natural terpenes or flavourings, depending on the manufacturer.

There are 3 types of CBD e-liquid:

E-liquids simply made with isolate and terpenes or flavourings.

Broad Spectrum E-liquids, made with CBD distillate, always with terpenes.

Full Spectrum e-liquids, made with CBD distillate, always with terpenes.

We consider Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum e-liquids to be the top of the range, because they are richer in active molecules derived from hemp.

Boosters are used to increase the cbd content of your e-liquid, and are often used by people who make their own e-liquid.

There are different types of booster, in the form of e-liquid already mixed with a base, without flavour, all you have to do is mix it with your e-liquid. With this method, the cbd content increases but the flavour is split.

Isolate is also a booster, add a little isolate to your e-liquid, mix well, the advantage of this method is that the flavour will not split, only the level of cbd in your e-liquid increases.

The base is a mixture of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, usually 80/20. This is the base for e-liquids, whether they contain cbd or nicotine, or are neutral in active ingredients and just contain terpenes or flavourings.

Vegetable glycerine is natural, unlike propylene glycol, but it is quite thick, and propylene glycol is used to thin it.

CBD isolate is the purest refined form of CBD, it comes in the form of "white powder" crystals. CBD isolate is used in both sublingual oils and e-liquids, and can be used in the preparation of food products, drinks, etc.

CBD isolate contains no trace of THC or any other molecule derived from hemp.

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