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Volcano vaporiser is the Roll's of salon vaporisers! Volcano vaporiser has been number 1 for so many years. Precise temperature control and balloon system with valve to preserve all the vapour. No bad taste will interfere with your vaping, the aromas are respected!

Solid and precise, the Volcano classic is the must-have vaporiser.

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Volcano Classic (Easy valve )

Salon vaporiser

Created in the 2000s by the firm "Storz & Bickel", the Volcano Classic vaporiser, thanks to its qualities, has been a major instrument in the boom in vaporisation worldwide. At the time, very few people knew about the existence of vaporisers, and very few models existed apart from a few anecdotal trials of the bc vaporiser, which sold quite well in 1994. But why is the Volcano Classic vaporiser still number 1 more than 10 years later?

Quite simply because it offers a perfectly unequalled quality of vaporisation!

This vapour, which has also been scientifically tested, gives an unbeatable result, with an absolute purity of 95% active ingredients!

The benefits of the Volcano Classic vaporiser ( Easy valve )

- The Volcano vaporiser is extremely sturdy (I myself have had a Volcano vaporiser since 2005 and with normal maintenance, it still works like new).

The medicinal and food-grade quality of the materials used make it a perfectly pure product! (It is used by some top chefs in the kitchen, as well as in hospitals in Austria and Switzerland).

- The vaporisation temperature can be adjusted very precisely (to within 5°), so you can vaporise every herbal plant imaginable.

- It's very easy to use, and it's great fun to get together with friends around the Volcano Classic vaporiser like Indians in a teepee!

Easy Valve :

Sturdy, effective, easier to use, requires less maintenance but disposable.

  • Can be fitted to the Volcano Classic Vaporiser and the Volcano Digit Vaporiser.
  • Preset balloon size.
  • Less cleaning (only the filling chamber).
  • Once used, the Easy Valve can be replaced.
  • 5 balloons with Easy Valve tips supplied.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy.

Volcano Classic Vaporiser temperature chart

- 1 - 130°

- 2 - 142°

- 3 - 154°

- 4 - 166°

- 5 - 178°

- 6 - 190°

- 7 - 202°

- 8 - 214°

- 9 - 226°

Everyone loves the Volcano Classic (Easy Valve) vaporiser,

Accessories supplied with the Volcano Classic vaporiser ( easy valve )

  • Filter
  • Grinder
  • 4 valves with balloon and mouthpiece
  • 1 valve with balloon and mouthpiece and adapter to change the balloon
  • Filling bowl
  • Grids
  • Cleaning tool
  • Pad for concentrates


  • Living room sprayer