CBD Infusion - Trompetol XQ+ 30 g


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    Premium Quality Plus (dioecious variety, flowers)

    100% organic herb (leaves, flowers and sheaths)

    Gently hand selected, cold processed and naturally dried.

    For use in Infusion - 30 g - Stronger than AQ

    Capacity in mg or g
    100% Hemp
    Cannabidiol Type
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    Trompetol XQ Infusion Dried hemp, (leaves, flowers and sheaths)

    AQ: Monoecious varieties, the taste is milder, more suitable for the preparation of infusions.

    XQ +: Dioecious varieties are harvested from female plants only.

    Trompetol dried hemp is suitable for the preparation of infusions, decoctions, bath oils, inhalation cures as well as for cooking or accompanying food.

    To be consumed up to 4 gr / day without the risk of experiencing the psychotropic effects of the plant, containing less than 0.2% THC.

    Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids including a good amount of CBD, as well as anti-oxidants, resins, waxes, fats, fatty acids, proteins and essential oils.

    • Organic Hemp Sativa L from the Czech Republic
    • Contains a high level of Cannabinoids, 7-8% CBD
    • No psychoactive effect - Maximum dose of 4 gr / day