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Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is the new version of the Arizer Solo, the best-selling portable vaporizer for a long time! What a pleasure and excitement it is to see the new Arizer Solo II, a true monument to vaping, in a new and much improved version that is totally respectful of its predecessor. Even though the large and precise temperature control is the big plus of this latest version, the Solo 2 has been improved in every way!

Arizer Solo 2 handheld vapourizer features

- Adjustable temperature between 50 °C and 220 °C - OLED screen - Adjustable screen brightness - Monstrous autonomy - Ultra fast heating - Stainless steel bowl - Airflow or improved draft - AirPath or vapour path isolated from the components - Automatic safety shutdown - Safety ignition delay - Celsius or Fahrenheit Manufacturer's warranty - Lifetime warranty for the heating element - 2-year warranty for material and manufacturing defects - 1-year warranty for the battery

Incredible range and heat-up time!

The Arizer Solo II actually doubled its autonomy with about three hours of use... This is not far from being a record and Arizer leaves the competition behind, as depending on the length of your session, you can eventually reach a minimum of 15 vaping sessions per charge. It takes just a few hours to recharge and you can also use the vapo during the charge! The heating time is super fast as it reaches 180°C in about 20 seconds...

The Solo 2 and its wide range of vaporization temperatures

Here is finally an Arizer portable vaporizer with a precise temperature control that allows you to really do phytotherapy and aromatherapy! Indeed, by offering a temperature setting from 50°C to 220°C to the nearest degree via a beautiful Oled screen, the Arizer Solo 2 is making a revolution! But is it really effective? We have to be honest, the vast majority of portable vaporizers that offer a wide range of temperatures do not have the required qualities in terms of rendering for use in phytotherapy.... With the Arizer Solo 2, this is really not the case... because we tested several plants at low, medium and high temperatures (mints, lavender, hemp...) and the result was really very satisfactory in terms of precision and rendering. The Solo 2 is so efficient that it is even possible to set 5°C lower than the temperature recommended by the charts!

Comparison between Arizer Solo and Arizer Solo II

The autonomy has been doubled with no less than 3 hours of vaporization, which is really impressive! The bowl has the same diameter and the tubes and accessories are therefore compatible! The draw or AirFlow has been greatly improved and the holes in the bowl are now larger than before and are placed laterally. The straight glass tube or mouthpiece of the Solo 2, which now comes in two sizes (90 mm and 110 mm), fits much better on the head unit than with its predecessor. The vapour is as fresh, diffused and airy as ever. More clearly, like the first version, the Solo II allows for long sessions with lots of steam. This steam is much cleaner, because it is isolated from any electrical circuit (airpath) Of course, as explained above, the total control of the temperature finally opens the doors to herbal and aromatherapy!

Comparison between Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air

The bowl is of course the same diameter, which makes the accessories compatible The Solo II does not have a removable battery like the Arizer Air, but it has an incredible autonomy of about 3 hours... The Air offers shorter sessions with a less abundant but more dense and aromatic tepid vapour. The Air is particularly inaccurate in temperature...

How the Arizer Solo II vaporizer works

("M" is the central button) - Switching on: Press the "M" and the top arrow simultaneously for the required time. - Switching off: Press the "M" for a few seconds Once switched on, the Solo 2 is in standby mode and will start heating up as soon as you touch a button. For herbal use, grind (crumble) your favourite herbs and place them in the bowl at the end of the glass tube (Aroma tube or mouthpiece) without tamping so that the air circulation is normal. Now place the tube in the bottom of the Solo 2 heating chamber. It may resist a little during the first few sessions but this is normal... For use in aromatherapy (plant extracts and concentrates), you can place your concentrate in organic cotton wool which you place in the bowl (tube). You can also use the Mighty/Crafty dosing capsules with or without liquid pad, which work perfectly with the Arizer portable vaporizers! The tube does not go in as deep, but that is no problem. In addition, the convection part will be reinforced with this system! 1. Take a Mighty/Crafty dosing capsule with or without liquid pad 2. Remove the lid from the liquid pad 3. Place it on the Solo 2 (opening upwards) and press down so that the capsule falls to the bottom (the ring or o'ring of the Solo 2 may resist slightly). 4. Now place your Arizer mouthpiece or stem (solo, solo 2 or Air) 5. To remove it, place your finger on the bottom and pull! (be careful to let the piece cool down before handling it... it can be hot!) Once your preparation is done, you can then turn on the vapo and choose the temperature with the arrows. Very quickly, the temperature is reached and all you have to do is take long, slow inhales!

How the Solo 2 menus work

By pressing the "M" button, you can scroll through the menus and select with the arrows: - Buzzer: off/low/med/high to vary the sound level of the beep - Automatic shut-off: Adjustable from 5 min to 15 min - Celsius or Fahrenheit: Selection between C° and F° - Display brightness: low/med/high - Solo 2 switch-on delay: 4 sec / 6 sec / 8 sec (security against involuntary switch-on)

In summary

What a pleasure to find the Arizer Solo after so many years. Especially since it has everything we loved, only better... And yes, Solo 2 has more than just a name and is even more different from Air! The two big defects that were, the airpath that went through the components and the succinct temperature control have been solved with the Solo 2. In addition, the draught, autonomy and heating time have been significantly improved Did you like the Arizer Solo? You will love the Arizer Solo 2!

The Arizer Solo 2 pack includes

- 1 Arizer Solo 2 - 1 Charger / Power adapter - 1 Aroma Tube Mouthpiece 110mm - 1 Aroma Tube Mouthpiece 90mm - 1 Aroma Dish - 1 Storage bag - 2 Silicone Stem Caps - 1 Ino Stirring Attachment - 4 Stainless Steel Grates - 1 Bag of plant material - 1 Manual